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Our Service Philosophy

To be the most knowledgeable and trusted Immigration, Visa And Consultancy Service provider.<br /> We believe that your application should not be good…it should be perfect in all respects.

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Why iVACS Global?

TRUST – Most trusted immigration service provider in India

EXPERIENCE – 33 years of combined experience in dealing with various categories of visas

EVALUATION – Easy and honest evaluation of your eligibility for the required category of visa

AFFORDABLE – Free counselling and evaluation and reasonable visa process fee

CLEAR AGREEMENT – Transparent and clear terms and conditions

ONE STOP SHOP – Services include evaluation to final visa decision and travel services

How can iVACS Global help you?

Founded by an expert group of people with 33 years of immigration and visa related experience.

Prepare a personalised list of documents to suit your visa specific requirements.

We keep up-to-date with the various immigration rules and provide you guidance following the latest amendments to visa related laws.

As our valued customers we offer free visa application completion service.

We offer face to face, email, phone and Skype communication options to help you with visa related guidance and advice. Your email queries are responded to within 24-48 hours of receipt.

We ‘hold your hand’ throughout the whole process, so you have someone to turn to with your questions

Assessment fee of INR 5000 counts towards the full application.

Where required, we book an appointment with the relevant Visa Department and accompany you on the day for physically lodging the application

How it works ?

  • Sign up for Immigration services;

  • Complete education/skills assessment;

  • Get English ability tested;

  • Procure relevant documents and complete document assessment;

  • Complete visa application file;

  • Submit the application;

  • Get medical done, where applicable;

  • Providing guidance related to relevant Visa Department queries;

  • Respond to Visa Department queries until a decision is reached on your visa application.

Why Should I Emigrate?

  • Frankly speaking it depends on your specific future plans, hopes and aspirations.  Not everyone understands the benefits of emigrating to a new country. So, to understand the benefits read below:

  • Landing a job that’s worth at least 4 times or more of your current salary

  • Excellent working conditions and environment with relatively much lower work pressure

  • Free world class education entitlement for your children

  • Entitlement to an advanced and highly supplicated health care facilities…for free

  • Excellent retirement benefits

  • We strongly advice our clients to consider immigration as a lifetime investment. An opportunity which awaits you with open arms.  And if you have the requisite skills there is every possibility that you may qualify for it within a short span of time with less costs.a

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